There is a growing demand in workplaces for professionals with management background. This course is apt for those already in executive positions, it trains them to manage and strategise the business for organisations.

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Certificate in General Management

The popularity of General Management can be gauged by the different specializations that have developed over the years within the field. General Management covers all aspects of management, and equips aspirants with the necessary know-how for managing all kinds of functions within an organization and spearheading entrepreneurial ventures.

Advanced Program in Management for Leaders

Specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the evolving leaders’ desire to stay up-to-date and relevant. This rigourous and intensive 1-year course is for those seeking practical strategies to improve performance in their operational area. In turn, enhancing their own performance, their teams as well as the overall performance of their organisations.

MBA in General Management

Suited for the new manager whose business acumen has helped elevated her/him to the managerial level. This 2-year course helps build a sound understanding of the business concepts and strategies. Providing an overall development as well as vital knowledge on building, retaining and managing an efficient team.

PGD in Business Administration

Apt for the time-strapped individual who is keen on learning the ropes of management to forge ahead in their managerial career. This 1-year programme packs in the various management aspects, nurturing you, into the managerial role, with ease.

PGD Business Management

Aimed to assist professionals with a sound basis for integrated learning of general management fundamentals. This 1-year programme allows you to study management within an extended framework characterised by organisational core competencies

Diploma Business Management

Fitting for those wanting to gain management know-how in a shorter span of time. This 1-year programme allows you to understand, learn and imbibe the management concepts in an organised and compact manner.

An in-depth knowledge of finances is at the core of all organisational transactions and beyond. Nuanced workings of finance can open opportunities for candidates in investment banking & management hedge funds, corporate consulting and many more.

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Certificate in Finance Management

Knowledge of Financial Management is imperative to any management function. The roles of finance managers can vary enormously from strategic analysis to the collection and preparation of accounts. With cross-pollination of skills based on Industry demand, those skilled in Financial Management are in high demand for customer facing roles in the banking and financial sector, in the consulting space as well as in the ITeS space.

MBA in Finance

Suited for individuals with a strong financial understanding who aspire to take on a managerial role. This 2-year programme will help further your knowledge from the basic to complex financial concepts.

PGD in Finance

Apt for those who have limited time at hand. This 1-year programme will provide professionals a thorough understanding of the most complex financial situations and help develop or chalk out strategies to work in-line with their organisational goal.

PGD Financial Management

Ideal for professionals who wish to secure a future in the financial sector. This 2-year programme helps provide fundamental clarity in banking and finance elements and concepts, aiding their decision-making skills.

Diploma Financial Management

Aimed at providing professionals exposure to the varied financial components to help make calculated decisions that are favourable and beneficial to one’s organisation. This 1-year programme focuses on developing an understanding of Financial Management.

PGD in Banking & Finance Management

Equips professionals to stay on top of the ever evolving banking and financial sector. This 2-year programme prepares students by exposing them to the essentials of banking & finance, gathering sound knowledge beneficial in their daily work.

Human Resource department is a cohesive glue that binds the organisation together. This course is ideal for those interested in organisational changes – to understand the behavioural side of an organisation.

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Certificate in Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management Department is known to be the heart of an organization. With a growing need from various industries to hire, engage and retain skilled workforce, Human Resource Management has become one of the most sought after fields worldwide.

MBA in Human Resource Management

Ideal for HR professionals who want to get involved in the intricacies of people management. This 2-year programme prepares professionals in handling situations involving people, to create and nurture a healthy work environment.

PGD in Human Resource Management

Aimed at HR professionals who are keen to understand the nitty-gritty of people management. This compact 1-year programme is ideal for professionals who cannot devote 2 years whoever want to provide solutions that work for all.

PGD Human Resource Management

Suited for HR professionals with a vast experience keen on upskilling their knowledge base with the most relevant and recent trends in the field. This 2-year programme contributes in skill building necessary for effective and overall HR development.

Diploma Human Resource Management

Designed to equip HR professionals with the nuances of HR management. This compact 1-year programme allows individuals to learn about methods to develop individuals creating a positive impact for the organisation.

The success of a company rely on a robust and agile operations and supply chain. This course provides professionals with adequate knowledge on strategises to help build strong, adaptable operations and supply chain functions to ensure a seamless business processes.

Certificate in Operations Management

Operations managers drive best business practices by creating the highest levels of efficiency in an organization, and thereby they are responsible for maximizing profit. This course introduces candidates to the field of Production Management, with a focus on working with existing processes and materials to develop ways to optimize them.

MBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Professionals at the helm of delivery can further their career growth by understanding the criticality of the supply chain. This 2-year programme assists professionals in identifying and understanding the connectedness of the business processes.

PGD in Supply Chain Management

Professionals in the service or product field are acutely aware of the importance of the seamless flow needed to grow the organisation. This 2-year programme covers concepts that help increase an organisations competiveness in the market.

Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Time-strapped professionals who wish to be successful in delivering prompt service can choose this 1-year programme. It introduces and assists professionals to understand how creating a fine balance between various departments can have positive results for their organisation.

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. Those with exceptional communication skills and a curious bent of mind are better suited in this field. This course nurtures executives into managerial and leadership roles where they can organise, strategise and channelise to make a favourable market for their product.

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Certificate in Marketing Management

This certificate aims at providing a thorough understanding of Retail Marketing, Advertising & sales promotion Consumer Behavior and Market Research methodologies. Participants in this certificate program will be able to learn techniques to better understand customers and formulate effective marketing strategies, accordingly.

Advanced Program in Marketing for Leaders

Designed specifically for leaders and senior management, this 12-month programme is all about sharpening your skills with cutting-edge marketing tools, developing competent strategies and decision making. An intense programme that nudges leaders to push the envelope and get out of their comfort zone.

MBA in Marketing

Suited for professionals focused on making a career in marketing. This 2-year programme lays a strong foundation with a focus on basic concepts, moving to complex market elements. It helps professionals transition effortlessly into the ever-changing world of marketing.

PGD in Marketing Management

Apt for marketing professionals looking to upskill. This 1-year programme packs in a punch, covering the basics to the complex concepts, assisting professionals in understanding the nuances, current trends and how to maneuver between the various marketing channels.

PGD in Marketing Management

For professionals keen to step-up their game. This 2-year programme helps and encourages professionals to apply contemporary management business knowledge and perspectives in an interdisciplinary manner to the complex business environment. Aimed at enhancing their organisations’ business prospect.

Diploma in Marketing Management

Marketing is considered the face of an organisation. Professionals in this field should be quick adaptors as things change rapidly. This 1-year management programme is designed to cover functional areas of management with conceptual and practical inputs.

With a spurt of retail chains becoming a part of our lifestyle, retail management is needed more than ever. Retail management involves understanding of buyer mindset, using that knowledge to design the placement of items in the store. This course creates managers who have an astute understanding of the consumers need.

MBA in Retail Management

Professionals in the retail sector can gather relevant knowledge to have an edge as the sector is very competitive. This 2-year programme focuses on developing skills specific to the retail industry, helping candidates become efficient, thinking-on-the-go and productive managers.

Businesses are expanding diminishing geographical boundaries. However, every place has its set of cultural, legal, financial and business rules. This course equips professionals to develop and learn about the various rules, regulations and laws that govern countries. Enhancing their understanding and competency in working with global businesses.

MBA in International Business

Apt for professionals working in organisations with a global reach. This 2-year programme is designed to give professionals an insight on the cultural, business and legal workings of different countries and management strategies that work.

PGD in International Trade Management

Designed for professionals that interact with people from across the globe. This 2-year programme gives individuals an understanding of the laws, working styles and gain a perspective into business’ strengths to leverage and procure international business opportunities.

Diploma in International Trade Management

With the businesses going global, professionals need to be ready to apt to global changes and understand the difference that come with interacting with different countries. This 1-year programme equips students with skills to design and implement an organisational structure helpful in the global marketplace.

The work space today is more cut-throat and defined. This graduate programme initiates learning in the field of business, the various departments, and their functionalities. Presenting a broad overview of the functions within an organisation.

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Individuals seeking to understand the basics of business management will find this 3-year graduate programme beneficial as it introduces students to the basics of organisational structure and business concepts.

Bachelor’s in Commerce

Individuals with a background in commerce, can further their knowledge on the subject in this 3-year graduate programme that helps students learn about business basics as well as management concepts.

With businesses getting structured, there are some niche areas where management skills have come into play. Management programmes in these fields are a combination of the specific industry skill being married to principles of management allowing for better organisational growth.

MBA in Hospital Management

Designed for medical professionals with clinical experience who are keen to combine their medical know-how with administration. This 2-year programme equips the practitioners with management skills allowing for informed choices in running the medical institutions, efficiently.

MBA in Insurance Management

Suited for professionals in the finance and risk sector. This 2-year programme offers a study of various departments within a business set-up and the role insurance plays in each departments working.

MBA in Tourism

Professionals in this industry can now understand the nuances of business management. This 2-year programme gives an insight into the management concepts that can be infused for better functioning of businesses in the tourism sector.















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