Our mission is to make higher education inclusive such that everyone everywhere is able to reach their full potential.

In keeping with this commitment, we work towards enabling universities and distance education providers leverage avagmah’s state-of-the-art education technology services that we call – 'avagmah technology platform' or just 'ATP'.

The ATP is an amalgamation of cloud-based software-as-a-service technology and managed services solutions that enables universities increase reach and appeal of their programmes. With this, we offer a complete bouquet of services that include marketing, student counselling, virtual classroom, student engagement and retention in a seamless manner.

The ATP, thus furnishes universities with the desired, comprehensive operating infrastructure they need to reach, attract, enrol, educate, support and graduate students; blending technology with their core i.e. academic curriculum and faculty expertise to extend high quality degree, diploma and certificate programmes to the deserving.

avagmah or avagama (n) (Sanskrit)

understanding, comprehension, intelligence

avagmah is the fastest growing online education technology service provider in India.

We help Universities, institutions and distance education providers make higher education more inclusive by reaching out to a broader audience.




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